Polytron MTC complementary oil additive package

Polytron MTC, a complementary oil additive package, that is at the heart of break-through Micro-Lubrication technology, the same additive package that is used in Polytron motor oils, and other Polytron lubricants.
It converts metal friction surfaces into much harder and much smoother surfaces, resulting in reduction in friction by 95% to 99%, and reduction in wear by more than 95% extending engine service life by up to 900%.

It is conveniently packaged in small bottles of 473 ml to be used in passenger cars and other small vehicles.

The magic starts as soon as you pour the whole bottle of Polytron MTC into an oil tank of your car.

And here is what it will do:

1. Since it eliminates wear, the service life of the engine will be extended by unbelievable 600%, if the engine is 50,000 to 100,000 km old, and by unbelievable 900% if the engine is less than 50,000 km old (provided it is in reasonable condition for its km age, when you start using Polytron MTC).

2. It will clean the engine of any carbon and varnish deposits and will keep it completely clean for as long as Polytron MTC will be used.

3. It makes engine run cooler. In hot summer days, even in desert high temperatures, Polytron MTC will keep the engine running cooler and not allow it to overheat.

4. Will help the engine start faster and easier in freezing cold weather.

5. If the car is flooded (like happened not long ago in Australia, where thousand of carswere stranded in floods, and their engines ruined as a result), in presence of MTC the engine is protected.

4. Since Polytron MTC keeps the oil clean (for several reasons), service life of motor oil in the engine is extended by unbelievable 300% if the engine is 50,000 to 100,000 km old, and by unbelievable  600% if the engine is less than 50,000 km old,  (provided it is in reasonable condition for its km, when you start using Polytron MTC).

5. Engines are protected for 150 km to 200 km in the event of loss of oil.
Can you imagine your car loosing its oil in the middle of nowhere. With Polytron MTC there is a good chance that you can still drive your car to a near by repair shop without ruining the engine.