Polytron technology is available to you

About 21 years ago a small company in the United States had confidentially perfected a break-through  Micro-Lubrication Technology that had left all its competitors way behind and reached the top of the mountain of the ultimate lubrication technology that others have yet to reach and named it “Polytron”.  The big oil companies would do anything to stop this company at its tracks.

This technology has been tested and used for more than 21 years now in the most severe working  conditions of  extreme temperatures, dirt, dust, moisture and extreme loads in heavy duty industrial, commercial and military equipment with outstanding performance track record unprecedented in lubrication technology.

NOW IT IS AVAILABLE TO YOU, PASSENGER CAR OWNER, with the same full strength andperformance available to industrial, commercial and military applications.

You need only two products that are conveniently packaged in small bottles for use in passenger cars and other small vehicles in order to keep the condition of your car’s engine, its transmission, and its fuel system at its best for many years to come, while saving on fuel, oil , repairs and down time, and for those for whom clean air is important, contribute to much cleaner exhaust emissions.