Polytron have skills and experience in the lubricants market

Customised services and solutions

Polytron have in-house skills and extensive experience in the lubricants, fuel additives and oils market. Additionally, we partner and network with a team of highly qualified chemists and industry experts to bring to our clients customised answers and solutions to their business needs.

Any change of lubricants or use of large scale fuel treatments and oils should be preceded by expert consultation on the application in question. Only then can the best system can be selected Experienced Polytron engineers will be glad to advise on products for the application in question and also on our full range of lubricants, oils and fuel treatments.

Polytron has an effective and accountable business approach to customer support and consultancy designed to deliver outcomes.This approach includes appropriate product selection or the design of an appropriate product, training of staff around product use, a strong focus on logistics management and sound market knowledge.

Bio-diesel and new fuels are a growth area for Polytron and the market for blend additives is an area that the company is moving into. Polytron are working with several petroleum companies to develop premium diesel and bio-diesel blends and have a consultant available to discuss any client needs in that area. Life-cycle analysis benefits and savings are integral advantages of using Polytron’s fuel and oil products. Our consultants can clearly outline to the customer how to reduce levels of emissions, noise and the inherent long term maintenance of infrastructure gained by Polytron product use.