Frequent questions

Frequent questions

Can Polytron MTC additive cancel manufacturer's warranty ?
Definitely not. The warranty only covers material and labor used in equipment guarantee and is not canceled by using a more efficient lubrication solutions.

What amount of Polytron MTC additive concentrate should I add in the motor oil ?
Add 473 ml of Polytron MTC oil additive in a volume of 4.73 L oil. In general for higher volumes is recommended in 10% of the total.

What are the benefits of using Polytron fuel additive ?
Polytron fuel additive help treat the fuel system components, carburetion or injection and also dissolves deposits on them. The unique formula cleans fuel  injectors, pistons and valves.

How soon can I see results after using Polytron MTC ?
For most machines the results are immediate. From case to case but the results may appear after a few hundred or a few mileage engine uses repeated treatment because the additive penetrates and acts gradually on engine components.

Could oxygen sensor, lambda probe be damaged by using  Polytron fuel treatment ?
No, the additive formula is designed for use regardless of the type of sensor or catalytic converters.

Unique range of treatments for fuels, lubricants and maintenance products to address these concerns Polytron common. Polytron increase productivity and equipment life and increases downtime.