Reduce long term maintenance

Polytron additive increase uptime

MTC increase equipments uptime

Extensive testing and experience has shown that after the initial treatment of an engine or piece of equipment oil analysis shows significantly lower levels of wear metals at regularly scheduled sampling times. This can, at the discretion of the operator, and within warranty guidelines, be used to extend the intervals between oil changes. This not only reduces the volume of oil required but the scheduled downtime to perform the maintenance.

After the initial treatment of an engine with 10% of Polytron’s Metal Treatment it is common for the oil to become dirty quite rapidly as a result of the Polytron Metal Treatment displacing hydrocarbon build up from the metal surface. It may be necessary to replace the dirty oil sooner and replace with new clean oil and retreat with 10% Metal Treatment. It may also appear that the wear metal content in the initial sample was dramatically higher than expected. This is normal and is due again to the cleansing effect of the Polytron Metal Treatment displacing pre-existing wear metal accumulations.

Reducing long term maintenance

Polytron has been proven to reduce friction and therefore temperatures and wear between metal surfaces. Almost regardless of the equipment it will be possible to determine reductions in vibration, noise and often operating temperatures. Reductions in these measurable factors gives a strong indication that equipment life will be extended, sometimes quite dramatically more than would be expected, given the engineered parameters. Every piece of equipment is going to be slightly different as will the uses so it is difficult to put precise reductions and savings suffice to say in independent testing wear can be shown to be reduced significantly compared to conventional lubricant alone.

Polytron’s Metal Treatment and Fuel Concentrate can have a dramatic impact on maintenance cost and downtime reduction.

Fuel systems

Ultra Low sulphur diesel has significantly lower lubricity than its precursors. This has manifested itself in problems with fuel pumps and injectors. Polytron’s fuel system technologies protect both items significantly more than even the older fuels were capable of. Polytron is actually being used as the additive of choice at the pump by a major fuel retailer and wholesaler in Australia.

Some biofuels due to their higher hydrocarbon emission caused significant carboning challenges to the emissions scrubbing components. Polytron has seen significant evidence that not only are hydrocarbon emissions reduced but the exhaust components become significantly less prone to accumulations of hydrocarbon.

Polytron’s fuel system technologies protect fuel pumps and injectors significantly more than even the older fuels were capable of.